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Karcher B80 W BP Floor Scrubber


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This economically-designed scrubber provides you all the
cleaning power to take on large applications – perfect for retail
environments, schools and health care facilities.



1 Disc brush or pad cleaning
■■ Rigid brush handle enables easy
switch from brush to pad.
■■ Easy change out brushes with
■■ Available with pad driver.
2 Simple to handle and operate.
■■ 3 modes of cleaning:
■■ Normal mode – Scrubbing and
■■ Intense mode – Scrubbing only.
■■ Vacuum mode – Vacuum only.
3 Compact slim profile design
■■ The slim design of the Kärcher
B80 W BP Classic is the largest
walk-behind floor scrubber in
our classic range.
4 Home Base kit
■■ Easily attach manual cleaning
tools for quick touch ups and less
visits to the supply closet.


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